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We all thought that the Holocaust was such an awful and tragic event that now exists only in history books. People of all religions and cultures could agree that it was one of the world’s worst catastrophes known to man. It started with one mad man. A mad man who thought that one race should cease to exist. That the world would be better without “them.”

Now, many years later we find ourselves in a similar situation. But this time many people know about it and either choose to ignore it or have little influence and simply just send their friends chain text messages and emails to, “Please help by making a prayer for the innocent women and children who are being murdered in Gaza.” Is this all I can do is pray for them? Can we not write a letter to the President and will he not hear our call for support? Does a Palestinian life have less value of an American? Does that Palestinian baby have not a mother or father that love him as much as another American baby’s family? 

Let’s really think about this carefully. Why isn’t anything being done in Gaza? Where is the United States and United Nations? Why does our President-elect choose not to comment on Gaza? Is it because there is only one President at a time? Then why didn’t that stop him from commenting about the bombing in Mumbai? What are we afraid of? Muslims? What if America had the power to stop the killings in Gaza? Would they? What if I were walking down a street and saw a man robbing a woman? What would I do? Would I call 911? Or would I give the robber my pocket knife? When do we wake up as Americans and realize that we can’t play God. Iceland, Russia, France, Japan, and many European countries have acknowledged that the Gaza bombings and killings of innocent children, men, and women is no doubt considered a war crime. Where does America stand in this? They say that Hamaas is to blame. Hamaas is our target. Who is Hamaas? The babies? The children? The unarmed men and women? Why and how is this still being justified?


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