Giving Back Over the Holidays

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Often when the holiday season approaches us, we feel overwhelmed, stressed, and sometimes, even a little greedy. With the economy plummeting, prices rising, and the excessive merriment in the air, it may be better this holiday season to stay at home and shop online, but not just to shop online: to shop from Web sites that benefit nonprofit organizations.

As mentioned before, the economy isn’t at its best, but recent statistics indicate that many Americans are still bringing in a decent income and some of our nations younger adults are even thriving in what some coin a “crisis.” Instead of wasting money on electronics that will break, or another gift card or gift basket, it would be beneficial to throw your dollars to organizations who need it and to get thoughtful gifts that your loved ones will treasure. These gifts also tend to be unique and fun.

Many nonprofits offer products on their Web sites. GlamourGals, a nonprofit based out of New York, has fashion forward gifts for that fashionista on your list, including t-shirts, tote bags, and an exclusive black lace bracelet! Other nonprofits, including the Dale Earnhardt foundation, offer gifts for men, like DVDs, wristbands, and books. Also, check out your local children’s hospital, church, and other nonprofits for cancer research; most offer goods that your family and friends would love to receive.

Not only are you checking names off of your Christmas list, but you’re relaxing in your own home instead of struggling inside a crowded department store, but most importantly, you’re giving back—and that’s what the holidays are all about!


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