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The Global Warming Power Play

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Should Global warming take priority over 16,000 children who die every day of hunger?

“Climate gate”, what is that? It must be some salacious scandal that involves “Global warming”. Based on much information circulating around, I realized that such a scandal would pop up sooner or later. Of course, those of us with faith in humanity had never lost the hope that man will exercise its conscience. Fraud is fraud and it hurts everyone. Those who try to expose fraud force the world to focus on reality and urgencies such as hunger. It is reported that about 16,000 children die every day of hunger year.

I, particularly, can never understand why the world is so focused on “global Warming” when 1 out of 6 people goes hungry every day according to the United Nations. That is more than one billion people throughout the world go without food every day. That number increased by 100 million since the global financial crisis reports the UN. Yes there are 250 million children that go without food everyday while we focus on global warming. You decide which one is more of an immediate urgency.

When “one-sixth of all of humanity” is hungry, I dare assume that hunger should be a priority. But, that is my opinion. The director general of the FAO said the level of hunger, one-sixth of the world’s population, poses a "serious risk" to world peace and security and that “ there are more than 1 billion hungry people in the world.” What do you think?

If lack of food pauses such a threat to the world peace and security, why are we not paying more attention on feeding people? Why do global alarmists try to create to create barriers that keep the hungry from benefiting from technology?

According to Reuters, Bill Gates said “the fight to end hunger is being hurt by environmentalists who insist that genetically modified crops cannot be used in Africa.” And, that “They have tried to restrict the spread of biotechnology into sub-Saharan Africa without regard to how much hunger and poverty might be reduced by it, or what the farmers themselves might want.”

I admit the frustration that comes with global warming. Each time I hear the subject, the Pulitzer-Prize winning picture that Kevin Carter took in Sudan pops up in my mind. It’s so real, that you can feel the child’s hunger. If you don’t know what hunger is, that picture shows you what it is, what it does, and that hunger should be eradicated.” Hunger does not only weigh on the individual. It also imposes a crushing economic burden on the developing world.




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