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God Is Not Throwing the Dice

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A few people in the world make decisions that turn million of lives upside down throughout the world. Why in the world is it like this? Will human evolution take more thousands of years to learn how to live in peace? When will the word “war” be eliminated from the dictions of the world? When we will be in a position to take pride being humans? Why we are destroying our own world?

When will we learn to treat all the children of Adam and Eve as our own children? If the world is flat and the walls are falling as we claim. When the walls of hatred, bias, and xenophobia shall be pierced down. If we believe (I do) in human ingenuity why not challenge our ingenuity to overcome the barriers of history, religion, race, color, economics, and the so called geopolitics, so that children don’t die of war, hunger, oppression? Why can’t we live like a family? Why are there a few among us want to dominate the rest of the world for money, power, or anything? Think some generation down the line did it. In what words they will remember our times (us)? No doubt, humanity is at loss, but those who still believe that at some point in future we shall learn how to live in peace like a family, full of empathy, imagination, sympathy, love, and compromise.

I’m open to all questions. Is there any genius out there in the global village who can devise a workable strategy on how we can divert trillions of dollars from war industry to global human development without any detriment to those who have invested in this industry—give them their money. We don’t need their money but we also don’t need their weapons. Please, the children of the world need food, books, water, and above all the love of humanity.

This may seem crazy or ideal but I have seen a girls’ school closed down because of conflict which I managed very difficultly open in a remote northern area of Pakistan bordering Afghanistan. The little girl asked me a difficult question, “When will we be going to school again?” “When humanity awakes from a deep slumber,” I replied.


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