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God's Instant Reply

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A few years ago I was at my Bicycle Store in Toronto, Canada, I am a Gideon and just received a list with all the languages the Bible is published needed to know what language the Ethiopian speaks, I was not able to find it.

I look up and ask God “Can you help me please!” 2 minutes passed and I opened the store door and a young girl was talking to a man and said in loud voice: “I am from Ethiopia”, I was really impress for the quick answer from God(Tank’s God), I approached the girl and ask her if she could help me with the information, I explained her that I just asked God for an answer and there you where, She was really helpful she told me that the Ethiopian speak Amharic and also pointed at the Gideon’s list that the Eritrean speak Tigrinya no Amharic as the list said.

To make the story more incredible, two weeks later I found her at the Laundromat beside my store with a T shirt that said I am from Eritrea, well I said to her why you told me that you where from Ethiopia? and you have this T Shirt, she replied “My mother is from Ethiopia and my father from Eritrea and he prohibited me to tell anybody that I am from Ethiopia.”

Now this girl is my friend and her name is Helen, sometimes she comes to my store and we talk how good God is.


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