Gonna Go Ride the Bus

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The #3. It’s a great service route here in Honolulu. Oh I get on the bus in the morning and away we go! Here a stop. There a stop. Everywhere a stop. Wow it still gets me to the saloon in Waikiki in sixteen minutes. I smell freshly washed hair and everybody is wrinkle free, ready for the day. I watch the traffic below and see too many cars trying to cut in front of the bus, those crazy birdbrains. I see friends I haven’t seen for awhile on the bus. Even at the bus stops.

Oh no! Where am I? Deary me. I fell asleep on the bus and I don’t know where I am. I think that I must have had too much to drink at the saloon. Okay, I remember now. Gotta wake up. This is an island. I can’t be too lost. Ask the driver where I am are cuz I ain’t in Honolulu anymore. The driver tells me where we are and now I really have a lot of stops before I get home. People are starting to board. The driver is packing everyone in like a can of sardines. Gross. I can smell everybody’s lunch, and ugh, some body odor from the day. I must look a wreck myself. I shouldn’t have gone to the saloon so early.


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