The Good Earth?

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The good earth … old and steady;

green and everlasting … till yesterday!

We live a myth …

toxic air and stagnant water is today,

polluting and destroying as corporate greed

feels the need, swinging the scythe,

screwing the public with all its might.

Forget about tomorrow’s child …

let’em drink tainted water

and breathe foul air … who cares?

Barren wastelands … drought and famine.

Sounds oddly familiar … it’ll only get worse.

Children will die from simple thirst.

You think the earth is clean and evergreen…

it’s just a dream.

Born deformed your grandchildren’s child will be.

So stand your ground and make the plea …

“I want my great-grandkids to see a tree.”

While the thorns of life persist,

the rose will wither and decay.



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