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Greatness Exposed (Part 2)

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At a time when our economy is in deep despair, distinct locales that have always been in plain view now shed light on a promising path. Looking forward to summer at the Cape (Cape Cod, Ma.) has changed from sunset-filled evenings to a great appreciation for those vast backyards that are open to journey through in our ventures. I recall last summer how the Greek Festival demonstrated the well-set niche the Greek culture has carved out here on the Cape. I was lured to the festival after reading an article of how a business owner ended up in Cape Cod, Ma. Beginning his journey in Greece, he sold olive oil placed into narrow sections of a cabinet on the back of a donkey. Immediately, I marked the dates on my calendar and anticipated mostly the food, as I recall a Gyro stand on the end of the street I grew up on.

On course for the festival, I frequently came across intriguing Greek facts. Soldiers were used in the Greek city of Thessaloniki for the initial stages of gene mapping. It was there found that distinct building blocks in the mitochondrial DNA of the maternal line held an underlying key genetic marker that only surface under extremely compromising times. This can be explained by the simple fact that the mitochondrial DNA has 16,000 nucleotides as opposed to the male transmitted Y chromosome that has millions. It seems it’s in a mother’s nature to nurture our sanity. Unraveling right in front of me was proof of the ticking molecular clock, neutral mitochondrial mutations that are neither beneficial or harmful. Traces of a Distant Past, by Gary Stix, Scientific American. This in turn lets us decide for ourselves what route we take and through pattern recognition can likely work our way out of strenuous conditions more expeditiously. However, scientists have found advancements of molecular clock theory tricky due to concordant divergences (meaning we all don’t recognize or follow the same pattern.)

 While in the midst of the summer, we can become more aware of what makes a great summer, great. In watching the 4th of July fireworks, it was nice to see that the City of Monroe, La. put in a lot of thought to their celebration. With an Elvis performance to remind us of our Las Vegas “spectral indecencies,” 3-D glasses where then passed out and the best firework had to be the one of a spindle. Even though I was not at the Cape or a P. Diddy (see new video) party in the Hamptons (the only other place I longed to be for the fourth,) it clearly showed that magnificent value can be possible in many locations. Perhaps these where the heat shock proteins, specifically the HSP90, “puffing up” signaling when the underlying genetic neutral mutation shall emerge, “New Jobs for Ancient Chaperones,” by Pramod K. Srivastava, Scientific American. It seems these once submerged relics indicate an evident congregation of solutions as they open our eyes to awe of our favorite places. Places that have instilled in me great confidence in my pursuits and for those that dare block my path they can go, “Dot, Dot, Dot” themselves, as quoted from Mamma Mia.


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