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Hell on Earth (Part 1)

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When did it happen is what I am trying to figure out, when did it officially become Hell on earth. I know over the years things have gotten worse. Incest is on the rise, pedophilia is out the door. Mothers killing their babies has risen, men killing their girlfriends children or the whole family for that matter and I can go on and on. I guess I will never know or do I really want to know at what point in time it became okay to just say F—it to morals and/or having a conscience and just do whatever it is you want know matter who you hurt as long as you get yours. Over the past five days I have read four stories that have made me shake my head and say when are we going to put forth an effort to put these criminals and those who preach hate and the abuse of women and children away. When are we going to make people who care for no one but themselves understand it is not always about them and that there are consequences for their actions? Two of the stories have to do with crimes that are horrific and the other two stories deal with who people praise as people who are deserving of so much but show too little of any type of appreciation for what they get meaning how blessed they are in life. I have to tell these stories so the world can here my opinion on how I feel about the killing of kids and setting dogs on fire and how wrong it is. That being an over-priced, over-hyped Basketball player does not give you the right to behave like an idiot.  And that just because you played basketball from the time you could walk and people hyped you with your own TV show that you will automatically believe you deserve to get a college scholarship especially if your only reason to go to college in the first place is because you have to do one year before you can go pro? Let’s go on this unfortunate trip through HELL on EARTH

I will first start with the pathetic display of sportsmanship anyone could have ever displayed child or man. LeBron “King Lame(s)” James decided that since his team did not win in the playoffs that he did not have to stay around to congratulate the other team. His answer as to why? He felt he is someone above everyone else is because the press know how (he) is when he is competitive. He then turned around and had the nerve to say, “Why would I congratulate someone who just beat me, how does that make any sense?” This guy who actually needs our money to really be a star, and it seems that the front office has forgotten that as well. Think about it like this, he may be a good basketball player and all but if there wasn’t a demand to see him he would be dropped like a hot rock and we need to make the front office see that. The first thing we need to do is make the front office have him do a better job of apologizing by actually do a PSA (which he has to pay for himself) and apologize to his teammates, the Orlando Magics and the fans for how sorry he is for his classless act. Then I would have him pay a fine starting at $100,000.00 and then community service. We have to make these so called role models know they can have it all taken away just as fast and one is by making them pay for their actions. How are children to really to know how to behave if they see these guys act like this and still get paid? How will the coaches they are working with now and their parents be able to tell them anything when they see classless jokes like “King Lame(s)” behave like a jerk and still get paid. Let me or anyone else try that in the real word and it will be the unemployment line. Especially now since jobs are leaving like a leak in a damn and people are lining up waiting for someone to mess up. Yeah “GOD” complex in a bad way because he actually believe his team needs him, not that he needs team, and someone needs to tell him there really isn’t an “I” in team. I will go one better since he thinks the front office has not provided him the support he needs to get his coveted ring, sit him down for the next season and make you lawyers find a way to not pay him the rest of his contract. Don’t they have a morals clause in their contract is their one showing how what he did showing any type morals to anyone … Man Please let him go …

Lance Stephenson, a “King Lame(s)” in the making if he can get a college to take him and it is starting to look like a big if. Again someone who thinks he is above the LAW and can do anything he wants and not have to answer for it. Lance is this supposed basketball phenomenon from New York and was for awhile the first round pick for colleges this year. That is until it came to light that he has more drama than any mama would want to deal with. First let’s talk about the fact that he had his own reality show starting when he was Junior in high school, it appeared from the timing in the show that the end was supposed to coincide with his announcement of his choice of college that he would attend in the fall. Didn’t happen because of what the schools found out that as much as he could play ball he was in trouble with the law for an “alleged” sexual assult charge pending from groping a girl at school in the stairway and based on pending charges his family pulled the plug. Now no one has said what his grades look like but it appears that his scholarship to whatever school he would attend is based solely on his basketball skills and not his academia. Because if it his grades were in order then this conversation would be a moot issue, now my info is based on articles on the net so we shall see. The reality show took people into his kid’s world, you would see him playing in his backyard on his little brothers Little Tykes Rim (come on). Then you would see him driving his mom around town in a Lexus no less, I am not saying people are not supposed to have nice things, far from it.

 The last one I had seen was of him and his father planning a party for Lance, for what I don’t know, what I do know it appeared to be on the level of or trying to be on the P. Diddy level. One would think that maybe the money for the party would go towards his college education, oh yeah that’s right he is looking to have someone else pay for it, and get this for only one year. You see Lance has to attend college for one year before he can go pro, doing what is known as “one and done.” Meaning he will have to attend college for one year before he can go pro and the speculation is that it will be just for show. What he and his family are looking to have done is this, he will get money a scholarship to attend college fro one year so he can make money in the pros. A scholarship that a kid who actually wants to go to school as well as play ball might not get the chance if it is given to him. It should not be offered to him unless he makes a four year commitment to school and he stays out of trouble and carries a 2.5 GPA on his own. Meaning not having someone take your test for you or type your papers for you, earn your keep whatever happened to that. Why is it kids who do whatever they want, kid who feel they can do whatever they want get all of the props in the world and kids who work hard have to work even harder for the little that is left because people gave to the “at-risk” kids because that seems to be a theme as well because he is from the Ghetto so playing was the only way out for him … man please.

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