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Helping Kids Learn About World Cultures through Music

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With an increasing incidence of racial intolerance, the need to introduce children to global cultures and traditions is stronger than ever. Music crosses all barriers and transcends boundaries. Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou understands this better than anyone else.

For nearly two decades, Daria has travelled the globe spreading the message of peace, tolerance and most importantly, fun through her music for children. From classics like “This Land Is My Land” to songs like “I Have a Dream,” that reflect Martin Luther King’s vision for a world of peace, Daria believes that children need music that is not only fun and enjoyable but also positive and empowering.

There is so much of the world to be discovered and explored and while books are a wonderful way of learning about cultures, music generally finds favor even with younger kids, like preschoolers. With simple lyrics, hummable, foot-tapping tunes, parents, too, find themselves singing Daria’s fun-filled songs through the day.
As a parent or educator, you can find it easy to bring multicultural songs into a child’s life. Driving to the preschool, pop in a CD. Doing chores around the house, sing aloud. Before you know it, you would find your little ones asking questions about life in other countries or wanting to learn more about a different culture. How great is that?!

When you choose music for kids, it usually is in tune with your family values and your own preferences. So usually children listen to the same songs. Multicultural music doesn’t only educate kids; it entertains them with a different type of music. The sounds of instruments as different as cajon, didgeridoo, pow-wow drums and more will intrigue little ears and encourage them to explore multicultural instruments as well.

Make it easy for your child to absorb the cultures of the world with a library of CDs that reflect the wonderful cultures that abound. Create a home where along with your own family traditions, those of other worlds exist as well and you’ll be raising a child who’s tolerant, compassionate and eager to explore our beautiful world.

About Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou:
Daria is a folksinger of international renown whose won national awards for her children’s cds including a Parent’s Choice Award, a NAPPA (National Association For Parenting Publications) Award and a Children’s Music Web Award. You can listen to some of her songs, download printable lyrics and connect with Daria on her website or her FB page.


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