Helping My Fellow Man

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As you all know, our country is in a state of confusion. All around our great country terrible things are taking place. What is all coming to? Does anyone have any answers? I am proud to say that there is a group of young people in the beautiful city of Chattanooga, Tennessee, that has really took the bull by its horns and is giving it the fair ride that it deserves. This group is none other than Chattanooga Organized for Action. It does the heart great to see that there are people that still care about the state of our human resources.

There is no dollar amount that can be given to the amount of work these young people do for free. Is that love or what? This is our country; it’s time for the American people to stand up and say, “We have had enough.” These are our jobs and it’s time for us, the American people, to call our own shots. We are tired of back-door deals and being given the leftovers; we as taxpayers do have a right to make decisions to how our country and legislature is run. It’s time for solidarity and the time is now! I’m proud that there are people that still care, it makes me proud to say I’m an American again, even as bad as things have become in our communities, our states, our country. I salute Chris Brooks and Perrin Lance for taking the torch and carrying a burning desire to do something great for our community.

Maybe this is a great beginning to something big, first Chattanooga, Tennessee, and then the world—who knows? God places man where he needs to be, and I can only dream that their steps were ordered by God. Carry on the great work, you guys will have all of our support. 



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