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Hillary’s Baaa-aaack!

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Sure, we miss Hillary. She added drama and excitement to the campaign. There was someone else to be critiqued, feared, and accused of flip-flopping. She was the long-awaited alpha female who allowed us to feel hopeful. I didn’t know John Kennedy, but, still, I can safely say … Paris Hilton is no Hillary Clinton.

Hillary, too, clearly misses the action. She’s now pushing for her supporters to be recognized at the convention, her argument being that it’s not for her, but they need “a catharis” before they can move on and put their considerable weight behind Obama.

I don’t get this. Isn’t losing the primary the political equivalent of being dismissed from a job or dumped by a lover? Isn’t that our signal that it’s over? Hillary asked for help replenishing her campaign debts. That seemed reasonable, the political equivalent of severance pay or a settlement. But if Hillary’s supporters are entitled to recognition for their loyalty, then all of us who’ve stood by friends after they’ve been fired or broken up with deserve the same opportunity.


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