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Hillary: The Blue Collar Farewell Tour

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Ya gotta give it to Hillary for her tenacity. “The White House is won in the swing states, and I am winning the swing states,” she announced after her predictable victory in West Virginia, pledging to persevere. Neither her smile, wave, nor pant suits are showing the strain of this grueling and endless campaign. Energetic, upbeat, and indefatigable, she could refill what she’s lent to her campaign by doing commercials for whatever vitamins keep her so pumped up.

Hillary, chugging beer and trying to sound like a high school drop-out, is providing fodder for late night comics at the price of her personal dignity. There is serious concern that her determination and fierce competitive drive will hurt her opponent, undermine the party and give this election to the Republicans.

It’s being reported that even those closest to her won’t dare say what she needs to hear: “Hillary, the country is just not into you.”


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