HIV Treatment Failing in Africa and What You Can Do

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The BBC recently reported that HIV treatment is failing in Africa. A recent study by the Boston University School of Public Health shows that more than a third of patients die or discontinue treatment within two years of starting it. Poverty is cited by expert Dr. Christopher Gill and as one of the main reasons for the failure of treatment. In many cases treatment takes a back seat to more pressing needs, such as finding enough to eat and maintaining a job.

Often the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa seems to be too overwhelming a problem and many who read yesterday’s BBC news piece may be left wondering if there is anything that they can do. But there is something that Americans can do! They can support the GROWTH Act, now before Congress, which would fight poverty around the world. The GROWTH Act would tackle the many barriers that prevent women from escaping poverty: access to credit to start and grow businesses, greater property rights, and more training and education to be able to access better quality jobs. It would empower women to lift themselves out of poverty, thereby decreasing their vulnerability to HIV/AIDS. Please encourage your Senator and Congressperson to support the GROWTH Act. Please take fifteen seconds to sign the petition.



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