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Holds on Siamese Kittens 10/11/11

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The woman who was on a wish list to adopt a lynx point Siamese called again. She recently bought a flame point Siamese kitten because she was tired of looking for a lynx point kitten (they are hard to find). I called her to let her know we have three of them. Two boys at kn’s house and a Manx one at another house.

She says she only wants a Manx lynx point now, hmmmm . . .  and she wants a male. We have a male right now, but it’s with a tail, and we had a Manx lynx point female—the Manx lynx point male got URI and was taken to the vet by the rescuer, which often means they will end up keeping it.

I explain this to the woman and tell her to go with the lynx point with the tail that is male, or go with the lynx point female Manx. Nope. Now, she only wants a MANX lynx point male.  I told her the male kitten is ill and we have the ten-month-old mother who is healthy, lynx point, and Manx; the baby is at the vet and the rescuer will probably keep him. The woman still insisted on the male Manx that is ill. It makes no sense.

So I took her off the wish list. I think she’s demented. I said to her there is no chance at all that I will get a Manx lynx point Siamese male and the only one we had of that is female. The “healthy” male that we have is a normal lynx point Siamese, not a Manx—what an odd reaction. She thinks when the Manx lynx point—IF the Manx lynx point male gets well—that she will get it . . . more likely than not the rescuer would keep it after trips to the vet with it; that’s how that goes.

Boy, was she annoying . . . also on wish list is a woman who wants two brother Siamese kittens only, and a man who wants a full-grown fixed seal point with short fur female only. Whatever . . . have to go through my book if I have time and match all of this stuff up.  


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