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How to Get Out of an Internet Rut

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I don’t know about you guys, but every time I go on the computer, I end up at the same websites. Usually its Facebook . . . you know, to update my status, upload pictures, or investigate what my enemy from first grade is up to. At first the repetition was enjoyable, but as time goes by, I realize more and more that I have dug myself into a deep hole. I am in an Internet rut.

The internet is an enormous pool of resources, with mind-boggling potential. I don’t think anyone realizes everything that is really out there.

Maybe if we all get out of our “internet rut” we can come one step closer to using the internet to its full potential.

Here are some places I would check out:

1. With your free account, you select boxes from a huge variety of topics that you are interested in, every topic from religion to humor, from biking to vegitarianism. After you have completed this process, you press “Stumble” and it directs you to a random website that corresponds with your interests. If you like the page, you can add it to your favorites and visit it easily again. I have realized how huge and . . . cool! . . . the internet really is. I visit this website a lot. Every time I do I find a new favorite.

2. Who Knew on Yahoo News: There are so many things I didn’t know that I didn’t know! This website shows short videos that are related to current events, history, and random facts. They are presented in a way that makes even the most boring topics interesting. For a laugh, a gasp, or plain surprise I would check out these fresh videos.

3. To Our Soliders: This is a website where you can make an anonymous post to American soldiers. It only takes a minute, but the warm feeling it will give you is totally worth it, and its easier and more convenient than posting a letter.

4. OMG Facts: There is no way to waste time on the internet than this website. The randomest facts are sometimes the most interesting though!

BONUS! This website leads you directly to some of my other favorites like Six Billion Secrets and Gives Me Hope. 
Both are where you want to go if your having a bad day OR a good one!
Hopefully on these websites you will find the wacky, the sad, the hilarious, and the inspiring. But just remember this . . . even if you discover these things on the internet, they are going on IN REAL LIFE.

Take what you’ve discovered, and spark up a conversation, do a project, or start something of your own.
An internet rut can portray a life rut . . . so GET OUT OF IT!!

Good luck! 


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