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How Much Mouth Does Your Money Buy?

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Laurie: NFL Journeyman (wonder what the heck that is?) Paul Shirley recently wrote an article (yep, he put it in writing) about why he wasn’t giving one red cent to Haiti. He explained that he wasn’t sure his money would be put to good use. Would they build hurricane/earthquake-resistant structures to protect themselves for the future disasters that will probably follow the weary-worn path to Haiti? He recommended that they stop building shanties and build some buildings that could withstand weather gone awry. He also recommended that they use condoms so there wouldn’t be so many people to dig out of the rubble. Yes, he did!

elizabeth: I heard about this today and this fool is one big jackass. Too bad his father didn’t use a condom when he was bedding down with the old lady. They showed a picture of him with his hands stretched out like he was going “so big,” and he is right; he is so big a moron that words almost fail me. I would love to use his picture in an ad for birth control with the caption “Don’t let one of these into your family. It will destroy your family tree.”

Laurie: If anyone thinks Shirley showed great wisdom and compassion, raise your hands. I didn’t think so. I’m sure the vote would be unanimous if we asked who thought he was a moron, but it got me to thinking (uh oh!). If we are going to ask people to part with their money, how much right does that give them to voice an opinion? Should we only take money from those who agree with our understanding of how the world works? Or does a donation that may have caused great sacrifice and inconvenience for the donor and his/her family justify an opinion, no matter how divisive and racist?

elizabeth: I honestly don’t think that the money will be used to buy cheap booze, day glow condoms, and Twinkies. Like millions around the world, I donated money to an organization that will spend the money for meds so that all the people that we failed to help hours after the earthquake will get some badly needed care. I am not worried that my money will be going for four-star dinners for the president of Haiti. Maybe this fool who won’t be doing commentaries for ESPN anymore could volunteer his services down there. And maybe one of those homes that are still standing can collapse on his big stupid head.

Laurie: It is too bad that there isn’t a Pulitzer Prize for the Most Stupid Comment of the Year. So many candidates to choose from. And Shirley was extremely stupid, if for no other reason than to put his thoughts into writing. But does that mean ESPN gets to fire him? What was the cause—being stupid or having an opinion that didn’t agree with the current national sentiment? And if Shirley gets fired, then I want to see pink slips reigning down on Pat Robertson’s obviously-empty head. Unless we really believe that natural disasters are God’s punishment on the unworthy. Shirley’s firing could be the start of something big.

elizabeth: Did you hear that Paul Shirley is Pat Robertson’s secret lover? Pass it on.

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