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We are born the same,
With the breath of life
Filling our lungs,
With that will to live
In a world where everyone
Has the right to exist,
To thrive and flourish,
As a mortal being.

Do we not all bleed 
When cut by sharp shards
Of oppression and tyranny.
Do we not all die
When bled dry
By injustice;
By ignorance;
By intolerance.

We see inequality
In our world ...
Our world!
Why should we tolerate
Such elitist malfeasance,
Such dictatorial malevolence,
Such maniacal menaces to humanity ...
No, we shall not!

We are the people!
We will voice,
We will fight
For that most basic
Of all instincts,
Of all mortal desires;
The will to survive;
The will to live free;
For we are ... Human.


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