The Humor in Advertisement

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It is 5:00 p.m. The family is gathered around the television. All at once everything the family needs is thrust upon us like some type of comedy/drama that would rival any prime time show. If you need cash now Lassie will fetch the president of the finance company, if you need a quick meal microwave pizza is great. And don’t forget you can get breakfast at half a million fast food restaurants around the country.

Why do we listen to these ads? These ads are intuitive enough to hold our interest for half a minute. Remember the Betty White commercial during the Super Bowl? Of course you do because it was good old-fashioned humor.

Advertisements not only hold your attention but they also show you that you can use the product without setting the house on fire. Letting cockroaches come to your house for a huge party.

Eat all you want without undergoing a coronary bypass or enduring intestinal removal.

Like it or not, stupid commercials are here to stay, if for nothing else, to make us feel smarter.


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