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Hungry in America

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My sisters and I had a solid upbringing. We had food; we had shelter, and we had clothing. My mother worked for Koret of California, a clothing manufacturer who provided most of our clothes during our high school years. Yeah, my mom sometimes spent the last of our money on something that sounded exotic like “New Orleans style coffee”, but we never missed a meal. Keep in mind, we all wanted that “chicory” coffee too! (Even at the age of twelve, or thirteen, we knew that had to be great stuff!) My mother was divorced and had four daughters. She worked and did the best she could, which actually, was plenty.

When I had my kids and got divorced, things got pretty challenging sometimes. Still my kids never went without food. They never went hungry. They didn’t eat the best choices, but I was twenty-four and as stupid as most of us were at that age. The kids ate things like mac and cheese, spagettios, frozen green beans, an apple, and a hot dog for dinner. (I actually served this same fare to boyfriends until I was in my thirties, never realizing this was not the most impressive cuisine I could offer.)

With the crash of the economy, it seems more and more that people are doing without food. These are people who have worked all their lives. They find themselves unemployed because of cutbacks. I realize Unemployment Insurance helps, but the fact is that most of us live in dwellings that would eat up most of an UI check. These people are not losers who choose not to work. They simply can’t do it without a paycheck. For those of us who are fortunate enough to have jobs, we owe it to our fellow citizens to help them through the holiday season at least. Go to the food bank and take some groceries there! We can afford to do that much. Buy some toys and stick them in the “Toy’s for Tots” barrel. This is a season of giving and we can all afford to do a little giving. We owe it to our brothers and sisters to help them out during these dark days. Let’ s not depend on someone else to do it. Help is needed today.


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