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The Issue: It would seem that a large portion of the debate comes from when the person is “gay.” Because of the polarity of the debate, this is something that will never be agreed upon. And therefore the debate can never really begin. Since the debate can never really begin, I maintain my stance from the Right to Life article I wrote. Your opinion and my opinion do not matter. When a reality occurs in your life, no one can tell you that that reality does not exist. For example, I hate onions and bleu cheese. I don’t like raw onions, cooked onions, browned onions, sweet onions, vidalia onions, nothing. And bleu cheese makes me want to throw up. It is mold. It is gross. It reeks. I will have none of it. If someone tries to give me a salad with onions and/or bleu cheese on it, I will hate it, so I don’t take it. Even if that person thinks the salad is the best thing since sliced bread, they can tell me it’s great till they’re bleu (HA!) in the face, to me, their opinion does not matter, because it has two ingredients I hate. Apply my overly simplistic example to marrying or sleeping with the opposite and there you have it: Your opinion doesn’t matter.

What needs to happen: Love. If you ever ask me what is the answer to your dilemma with your friend or family or lover, my answer will always be LOVE. In this case, as much as any other, you need to love your neighbor. What would Jesus do? He would LOVE the gays. He wouldn’t hold it against them. He wouldn’t deny them his friendship just because their lifestyles didn’t fit the cookie-cutter image of what you think someone else’s life should be.

In the book I’m reading right now, At The Feet of Jesus, author Brian Shipman talks about being yourself with Jesus. Whenever you are frustrated with something going on in your life, Shipman says that it’s okay to tell him that. He uses Jesus as an example in this anecdote, showing how Jesus asked God to let him off the dying on the cross thing … Shipman says it’s OKAY to tell God how you feel. Going to God is (should be) the one place where you can completely be yourself. That doesn’t exclude ANYONE, despite what you may think.

My request: For the love of God (quite literally), stop your snide remarks and dirty looks. Stop your closed-minded thinking, open your heart and just love the people around you. No matter where they come from, how they smell, who they sleep with, or what they’ve done. Just love the people around you. Simple as that. When we love those around us despite the dirt on their faces and feet, we find we are more like Jesus than we could ever imagine. And that’s how I want to be: More like him.


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