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Last year on a deployment in the Sand Box (or what I like to call the Rock Box), and I met someone. Her name is Mable, she a small Indian woman. Five years after Mable got married, her husband passed (survived by his wife and their two daughters)… this is when she immigrated to my location (about 6,177 km away) by foot and hitch hiking (with two young daughters) to get a job because where she was from it was not heard of that woman would work. She wanted to make a life for her family. During this grueling trip her eldest daughter passed away.

Where she lives now there is no such thing here as a minimum wage… but she makes enough to contribute to her surviving daughter's household as she now lives with them. This woman told me tales of violence from her home country… and you could clearly see… the memories themselves were painful, her eyes were swelling with tears and her scars told the stories that her mouth did not want to divulge.

The reason I am writing this for all to see… is because I wanted to share with everyone what she said next. I told her I couldn't imagine what she has been through and that she is a very strong woman, she looked at me and with a faint smile replied "baby, no I am no strong". I asked her what she meant… she replied "I am a Christian! I give praise to my God, he will take care me". My heart sprung… I had not told this woman about my faith… and here we are surrounded by a nation that is predominately Muslim and this woman voices it aloud "I am a Christian!"… "he will take care me"… How amazingly moving is that…



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