ICE: In Case of Emergency

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Everyone carries a cell phone. There in the memory of the cell phone we hide the names and numbers of the people important to us. However, nobody knows the numbers of the people important to us, and nobody knows the numbers of our family and friends.

If you were in an accident, or your life is critical in the hospital because of a disease, maybe the doctor or paramedic holding your cellphone doesn’t know who to call. Of course they could call all the numbers in your cell phone, but what if it ran out of battery? Maybe there are hundreds of number are hiding in the memory of your cellphone, but which is for an emergency? So I thought about starting ICE. Maybe it will be a beautiful start on this site to campaign. To put in phonebook of cell phones the ICE meaning in case of emergency.

If you do not know about ICE, it is like calling Rescue 911 or the number to the pizza parlor, than maybe we can contact the persons that we needed in case of emergency situations. All they have to do is to put the name ICE next to the people that they would like contacted in case of an emergency.

In an emergency situation, it’s easy to contact the Emergency Service Personnel and the police, than after call the right person by using simple call in numbers hidden under the name ICE.

If more than one person needs to be contacted, just put the names ICE2, ICE3, or many more.

In my opinion, this idea is a big help. It may save your life.


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