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The Inauguration

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This is where we are free to pen our thoughts, where we’re free to express our opinions, and free to hope that it all is worthwhile. Well, it is worthwhile on such an incredible day! The goodness I feel is mainly due to the basic idea of wondrous personal possibility. The belief that each of us, if we want to, can reach our potential is an amazing thing.

I have felt a sense of stagnation in my life recently. I would say in the last couple years, I have felt this overwhelming desire to go out and discover more about myself. I wonder sometimes if that’s a selfish thought. Is it selfish to want to dig deeper into your own mind, into your own talents and faults, into places where hard decisions need to be made and make those decisions? I wonder if this desire to tap into a creative side is a good thing. As I sat watching the millions of people braving the Washington cold this morning with tears running down their red faces, I decided that it’s not a selfish thing. In no way is it selfish to dig deep inside and find what truly moves you, what you truly believe in and what you truly want to do with your life.

That feeling of connectivity that we all felt today, that feeling of belonging to something greater than just an individual comes from recognizing what each individual is capable of. And so here I am, as one person, in charge of myself, but able to make a difference, able to voice an opinion … I am one person who is digging deep inside of herself to find what she’s capable of, what she can do to be creative and spontaneous and happy and prosperous and generous. All of these things lead to happiness in the end and my hope is that happiness is contagious. It all circles back to being a cohesive family that really is “mankind.”

I may have to reel myself in sometimes and I may have to breathe deep in light of certain realities, but at the end of the day, when it’s calm and quiet, it’s just up to me to focus on the fact that we are all in this life together and we all deserve to dig deep and find our own happiness. Today’s historic and encouraging inauguration inspired me to write this all down in a public forum and not just a personal diary. I felt it important.


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