Interesting Facts About Domestic Politics in America

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As a teenager in a prestigious magnet high school, I am extremely interested in politics. However, many of my peers—and elders—don’t understand enough about the issues. So, I have devised this short, simple list to help the average, run-of-the-mill Joe/Joanne the Plumber learn some interesting things about our nation’s pressing political issues. 

Immigration—Have you ever met an illegal or legal immigrant? They are some of the nicest people you will ever meet, I can say with extensive experience. My mother works at a church to help them learn English, which dispels the idea that they don’t want to learn English. They pay taxes, they are law-abiding citizens, they have more respect for teachers than today’s American children do … and really, we need to treat them with the amount of kindness and respect they deserve. I have heard awful stories about Americans spitting at them, shouting racial slurs to them, driving a car through a puddle to splash them, etc. Think about how you treat immigrants. Are we not all people?

Comprehensive Sex Education for TeenagersBristol Palin. Enough said. 

Abortion—If a person is pro-life, they believe that they are saving the lives of poor, unloved babies everywhere. Not true. If America were to outlaw abortion, more people would die. If a young girl, let’s say fifteen, were pregnant, she wouldn’t decide to keep this bastard child! She would find some illegal, back alley abortion doctor to terminate the pregnancy, thus ending the child’s life and, possibly, the mother’s. Also, as stated previously, this child would be poor and unloved! Most teen pregnancies occur in poor areas, and not many students want to have to balance work, life, school, and a child at a young age. If the baby was given up, it might be adopted by a kind, nurturing family, or by an awful one, or spend their childhood bouncing from foster home to foster home.

Gay MarriageMany people think that the sanctity of marriage is at stake if they allow gays and lesbians to marry. Come on, America! How will the marriage of two loving, consenting adults harm you in any way? It’s not the gays’ fault if your own marriage is falling apart. 

Religion—At the RNC a few months ago, one speaker said that Islam is an undeniable evil in America. What? Wait a second … isn’t freedom of religion in the First amendment? Also, a country as diverse as ours is no longer considered a Christian nation. We have Hindus, Buddhists, Agnostics, Jews (me!), Mormons, Muslims, Atheists (also me!), and many other faiths. Granted, the vast majority of us are Christian, but that doesn’t mean one can make sweeping, general statements like this. 

Liberals—We aren’t just a group of bleeding-heart, love thy neighbor, tree-hugging hippie pot smokers who defy authority every chance we get. Well, we are some of those things, but we also want equal rights for all Americans, not just the ones that conform to the outdated mold of perfection. And we love this country just as much as any red-stater, but not what it’s recently become due to the anti-progressive policies put in place by Bush and Cheney. 

Barack Obama—The person who may very well become the best president the United States has ever had. And not a baby killing communist Muslim. Plus, the White House Puppy or “Puppygate” is the most adorable political debate topics ever.


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