It’s Deja Vous Again!

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So, I’m sitting at the computer this morning, having my cup of bold coffee and reading through my email, when there’s a knock at the door. I’m thinking it’s a UPS person again, dropping off some more paperwork for the current owner, who just happens to be my sister, so I reluctantly get the door.

So, I open the door and there’s this construction-type looking guy standing there fiddling with his expensive looking iPhone, and he has no envelope or package in his hand. I’m thinking, what’s this dude want … I hope he’s not trying to sell me anything. Boy was I wrong!

So, as I’m standing there, concealing my shabbily clad self behind the front door, he says to me, “I’m Tony and I’m the new owner of this place.” I was like, what!

Apparently, he had bought the property at auction the day before and no one told my sister about it, not even her realtor, who was trying to help her short-sale the place.

So, flashback more years than I can count, when as a teenager the house my parent’s owned was foreclosed and we had to immediately vacate the premises.

I tell you, this déjà vous thing is getting ridiculous!


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