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It Is About Time

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Hello. Thank you for reading this. I would have expected no one on this planet to be slightly interested in what I might write. I talk all the time, really. I am an extreme extrovert and as a result, people tune me out after a while. I can be funny, so others listen for a while, then I seem them go away, if not physically then certainly mentally. It is OK. I understand. I don’t like to listen to the same person for a long time either. So if you don’t want to read any further, I don’t mind. It will not hurt my feelings. I have only had my feelings hurt a very few times, maybe five! I just have good self-esteem and I don’t care what others think. I saw a neat sign that read, “What others think of you is none of your business” Boy do I believe in that one. Really, I do like what other people think. I read their books. I ask opinions all the time from my friends. Sort of a paradox there somewhere.

I guess that was sort of an introductory paragraph. Just sort of slid through my finger right on to the keys. I want us all to consider a new calendar. Thus, the title, it is about time.

This calendar would be for convenience. Don’t you like to know where everything you own is? You know, your birth certificate when you need it? You go to the drawer it’s supposed to be in and it is not there and you need it at 4:00 p.m.

Me to. I want to know where things are and be able to put my hands on them when I need them. If you can do that you are really in great shape … write a book and tell us how you do it. This calendar will not help one find things, but it will make it easier to remember the day, the month, the holidays, and I am sure all those birthdays.

All months will have twenty-eight days. Every month will begin on Sunday the first. And the first Monday in every month will be the second. If you follow that means the last day if every month will be Saturday the twenty-eighth. Now that gives us twenty-eight days times twelve, which equals 336 days. 336 days subtracted from 365 days (that we use now) leaves twenty-nine days and we are not all the way around the sun yet. Now we will have to add a new month. We will call it Nobleary.

In the month of Nobleary, at the end of the year the twenty-ninth will be always be new years and called Noday, so we can celebrate like crazy. Yes, some people will still have to work. But those will be individual matters. And companies can work the pay schedules however they choose, they always have anyway. For those who are paid only once a month they will have a few less days to wait. This way twenty-eight days is enough for any month. Thirty-five days in a month is too many days before the next paycheck. Savvy?

Leap year? That will be the most fun of all. Every four years we will have two Nodays. Celebrating new years can now go on for twenty-four more hours. You can go back to grandma’s and have another big dinner and call it No Dinner four. That would represent the four years that have passed before this big free Noday. What a great new holiday. What will be it symbols? What kind of clothes will we wear? You can work on that.

If you were born on the twenty-ninth, thirtieth, or thirty-first, you can move your birthday to the twenty-eighth. Or, you can move it to any day you want, for that matter. Our friends have a daughter born on Christmas day. She has never celebrated her birthday on Christmas. They do the party on the first of December every year. It works; she still is a year older.

That is my choice about the calendar. I think it would make many things simpler. It may not help us know where everything is in our house, but it would organize our daily business. Now we know the third Wednesday of every month will be the eighteenth. Ta da! What I love the most is that every month would have a Friday the thirteenth. I cannot wait to hear all the reasons why this will not work. Thanks again for your kindness in the reading this.


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