It's Tax Time Again and It’s Making Me Ill

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This is an impossible financial time. Federal, property, and state taxes are due. As we prepare to save every cent we have, the car breaks down. The price for a new transmission? $2,000. San Diego Property taxes? $3,500. The fed wants a mere $100 but that is after receiving $14,000 of our hard earned money.

As we try to figure out how to pay these bills, something comes over me like a tidal wave. I feel pretty good paying a private business to fix the car. They will reinvest, save, pay their employees, and compensate themselves. Yet, a wave of nausea comes over me as we know that the $3,500 in property taxes will be spent on a county who has mismanaged its funds from the start. We are on the verge of bankruptcy in California and have accepted the adage, “We are too big to fail.” Rather than the state, county, and city readjusting their own budget by massively cutting spending (which we had to do for the last twenty years of our marriage), the state has held on to every social program and coveted pension system. I don’t dare mention which items on the budget to cut for fear of being labeled draconian, racist, or insensitive. This county and this state need to reexamine how they conduct public business in the same way a family would. As we know, immediately a family stops spending. The restaurants, the charities, and home necessities are frozen. Two phone calls came in for cancer research this weekend and I let them know that the confiscatory taxes impede my ability to give this year. When will this madness stop? This state and county need a leader who can spearhead the removal of the burdening taxes that infect business and individuals.


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