John Edwards Was Right: The Two Americas

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John Edwards finally got something right. There really are “two Americas.” And the gap between them is widening at an alarming rate. To view this divide, one need only tune in to the mainstream media.

Topping the news these days are news stories covering such earth-shattering events as who offended whom, who needs to apologize, whose feeling have been hurt, followed by several “he said, she said” controversies. After a commercial break, we get the latest “I’m Outraged” sound-bite followed by the latest “crisis” report, usually coupled with a demand for more “investments” (that’s liberal speak for “taxes”), couched in moral imperatives.

Break to commercial. Forget going to the fridge, you might miss the latest cutting edge commercials, cleverly appealing to your wallet via your crotch. A few teen tramps with botoxed lips and pierced navels selling, well, who cares….

Back to breaking news. Half of America stays glued to their seats in hopes of say, a chance to see the latest “gotcha!” or, better yet, a glimpse of Brittany’s vagina. Then, on to the latest nobody who lucked into his fifteen minutes of fame via some usually dangerous, mostly degrading act. Fame is the name of the game. And fully half of America is engaged.

The other half of America is usually busy working, raising kids, going to church, paying taxes…that kind of stuff. They pretty much realize that the self-anointed “elites” that still control the media don’t like them very much. They don’t much care. They just tune out. Click.

The first half of America has taken a very dim view of this second half. Referring…


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