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Kids Helping Kids

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Our Mission is to educate and partner with children and adults globally who want to be the difference. We want to help them discover their passions, growing them into visionary leaders with the will and heart to set and reach their goals. We provide invaluable educational tools such as building self esteem, communication skills, problem solving, public speaking, accountability, integrity, research technology and team building. As we build self confident, reliant and accountable young adults with passion that understand the importance of giving back, we will begin to see the movement of being a part of the difference.

The Story: Ten year old Tyler Page got inspired while watching an Oprah show with his mom. They were featuring a story called “The Little Boy Oprah Couldn’t Forget” on child trafficking in Ghana, West Africa. Heart broken and amazed, he asked a lot of questions and couldn’t believe what he saw, kids, just like him living under such terrible conditions. He asked, “What if we raised money and sent it to Oprah with a note asking her to send it to the kids in Ghana?” His mom could see the ideas racing through his mind and heart and then he asked if she thought he could actually raise enough money to sponsor one child for a whole year ($240). She told him that she believed in him, and I knew he could do it if he put his mind and heart together. Then she asked him how he might go about doing it and that’s all it took. He launched into action by sharing his idea with his class, teacher, and principal about having fundraisers such as car washes, lemonade and yard sales, and ice cream parties with other kids that want to make a difference. Two weeks later he launched his first carwash fundraiser at his school with about thirty other children and together they raised $1,175.00. He immediately wanted to know how many children that amount would allow him to sponsor. When he found out that it was enough for 4.7 children his mom thought he was going to jump through the roof when suddenly he paused and asked her how much more they needed to save that fifth child. Tyler’s mom thought her heart was going to stop in that moment. She informed him just $70 and instantly she could see the wheels turning in his head on how he was going to get it. Touched and filled with amazing love and hope, the next day at church his mom shared this joyous story with the congregation. After the service a man they had never met, handed them an envelope and simply said, “What Tyler is doing is wonderful, this should be enough for that 5th child.” Moved beyond measure she couldn’t wait to share the story with Tyler. When she did he asked if he could open the envelope. She assumed it was the $70 needed for the fifth child but it wasn’t, it was $500! They stood there in the lobby with tears rolling down their cheeks and silently they both knew this was about so much more than either one of them could have imagined. Tyler and his teacher decided to set an unprecedented goal of $50,000 by the end of 2007. Since March third, he has raised over $23,000. 

The pureness of Tyler’s heart to want to help and his vision and hope to save just one child is what caught his mom’s attention. This experience will be life changing for them and for many others. Sometimes all it takes is telling someone, especially kids, at the right moment that they can do it, and, that you believe in them that can open doors to shape their future. Because of this encouragement, he has not only raised enough money to sponsor seventy-nine children for a year but his message has inspired other children and adults to make a difference.

His vision opened his mom’s eyes. They live in an incredible community with beautiful homes, cars, boats and where most, have everything they’ve ever wanted. The kids are being raised in an environment that rarely focuses on giving to others or saving lives of the less fortunate. It’s rare if they see a homeless person or under nourished toddlers with dirty clothes and no shoes or even those without parents. She is guilty of over-indulging her children and not educating them as much as she feels she should about people and conditions many have to endure just to make it through each day. She sees a huge opportunity to reach out to children and adults everywhere of all ages, kids helping kids. When adults listen to kids about their heartfelt ideas to help others and encourage them to put those ideas into action it can be enormous for their self esteem and their future. Not to mention what it does to those in need that they are helping. The children helping are learning leadership skills, gaining confidence and wisdom, and those receiving are feeling loved, getting needs met and tasting hope.

Coming in 2008: Through Tyler’s inspiration and vision we see an incredible opportunity to empower children everywhere through leadership academies. We will be launching these leadership programs for kids by partnering with adults who share the same passion and values. Building self esteem, teaching communication skills, problem solving, public speaking, accountability, integrity, and team building to name a few of the skills they will gain at these programs. If you would like to find out how to become involved please contact us.


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