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Professional. Mother. Lawyer. Skier. These are some of the names by which I have come to be known. I obtained a new one, unwittingly, over the years, of which I only became aware last year whilst at the SouthbySouthwest Festival in Austin, TX. (One of the best places to see independent film, emerging bands, and schmooze potential internet partners.)

I, dressed in my standard uniform of Hudson Jeans, a Kaftan, and silver clogs, was walking into a party with my friend Tony Conrad, CEO of Sphere, dressed in his uniform of a cashmere sweater, Levis, Yohji Yamamoto sneakers, and his ever-present Blackberry, when we stumbled into (or I should say were stumbled into) by a very well-dressed and very drunk thirty-something Texan. He looked at me, mouth agape, staring at my unruly hair. (After hours spent blow drying, straightening, and agonizing over my curly hair and many split ends later, I finally gave up and embraced the curl. Now, I use only tigi catwalk to tame the beast that it is my mane.) He stammered, “You’re a, you’re a …” “What?” I asked. “An environmentalist,” he said with awe and amazement. He could just as well have said, “An alien.”

And so I am. Born and raised on the East coast, I have now lived in San Francisco for over seventeen years. I support the Rainforest Action Network, the Sierra Club, the Pachemama Alliance, the Blue Water Network, and more. We eat organic fruits and vegetables and shop at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. We have been composting, using fluorescent light bulbs, and to the horror of my East coast family, only flushing for number two for years. I smile when I see people driving a Prius, yet have vowed to drive my 2001 Audi into the ground before I buy a hybrid (which is actually the most eco-friendly thing to do). Until that night, with my quick tongue and gait, I still fancied myself a New Yorker. I did not realize how crunchy I had become. My children pick trash up off the streets, eat organic, and lecture me on the dangers of global warming. Every time I turn around, another friend is starting a green company: Green Zebra, Eco-perks, Terrapass, MyCO2.

Catching the bug, I decided to start writing the green blog for The Find, for which I run business development. Come here to hear about the best green products, for yourself, your kids, your pets, your home … the best green events, organizations and the celebrities, companies, and regular old people who support them. I will also tell you about the best green blogs out there, and will often feature their tips right here on our blog.

And so signing off, wearing my new moniker with pride—I am an environmentalist.


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