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Learning Can Save Lives

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I recently joined a wonderful Bucket List group that plans fun events through-out the year. Spring is a great time for a seminar on tornadoes and severe weather. I went and took notes, now hoping to get people out to this fabulous event in the future. It was the first one I have been to, however they have been holding this event for over 30 years. I definitely would recommend people to see this event in the future. The seminar also was free and lasted for several hours.The venues location was at Fermilab on Kirk & Pine in Batavia, IL, and readers should check-out the location because they hold many great events through-out the year.

There were many awesome speakers such as WGN's Weather-man Tom Skilling, Director for Nations Centers for Environment Protection Dr. Louis W. Uccenllini, Director of Storms Predictions Dr. Russell Schneider, and Chicago's National Weather Service Coordination Meteorologist Jim Allsopp. They all gave extraordinary presentations concerning the recent and past severe weather patterns/ measures and public safety steps that may someday savelives.

Aslistening to the some-what pridefulspeech of what a long way we've come. Just recent being able to predict (fairly accurately) one week ahead of time forecasting, for severe weather, I am also reminded that it was unheard of just 20 years ago, and technology really has come a great distance in the weather industry. Tom Skilling tells how he was playing baseball in Aurora, IL, when the tornadoes hit 45 years ago. Tom's excitement of being on-site close to a twister, and comparing his experience to better than watching a great movie, is something we all can relate to.

To plan a group education out-reach event or train as a weather spotter call 815-834-0600. In 2011 it cost 14 billion for these natural disasters. Through evacuations, with all of us working as a team, and tracking storms, we all can save lives. The April 27th & 28th, 2011, outbreak had 190 tornadoes and 311 fatalities. This occurrence was the deadliest since 1932.

Authorities are working hard to warn others, although we all can pitch in and help. The government's Vortex 2 is also helping collect data to improve tornadoe warnings. They are in need of backyard rainfall observers in Iroquois, Ford, and surrounding counties, to help out, visit website information and future events visit the Fermilab website at all help out in providing a safer tomorrow.


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