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Lesson from Suzanne Pleshette’s Posthumous Star: Don’t Postpone Things!

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Posthumous honors and accolades are fine, and while I wouldn’t be opposed to having Christopher Street renamed after my death, which is a tradition in Manhattan after a notable passes, I’d rather experience the warmth and excitement of being acknowledged while I’m alive, which was my reaction to learning that Suzanne Pleshette got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame two weeks after she died. She lived for seventy-one years. They couldn’t get to this sooner?!!

Suzanne Pleshette’s star should serve as a wake-up call to all of us who don’t express the affection and appreciation we feel for others. While visiting someone in the hospital several years ago, I squeezed his hand and said, “It’s hard for you to talk, yet you’ve let us know you’re happy to see us when we come into your room.” That night he died.

My big concern is that the Mark Twain Humor Awards committee is going over my qualifications and may not get to me in time.


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