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Let’s Begin Thinking for Ourselves

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Nike employs four-year-old children to work in sweat shops.

I bet somewhere someone out there will take that and run with it, take it and believe that it is true. Why? Because people always want to believe and hear the negative. If I said Nike finds a way to help people keep their jobs, I can almost guarantee that most of you would not have opened up this post.

So what? Where is all this coming from? It all started last week when my stupid Facebook main page was flooded with this post:

Find out the seriously gross truth about McDonalds food! (we promise you will never eat there again)

75% of customers said they will seriously NEVER eat McDonalds again after seeing this.

And then I went on to read my friends, and their friends comments about how they will never eat McDonald’s food ever again!

Really? Are you fucking kidding me? When did people stop thinking for themselves? I am so tired of people just assuming that because they see something on TV or the Internet that it has got to be the truth. Why not trust what you know? Or better yet, if you don’t know something, find out for your self, and don’t just believe everything you hear. Just because Oprah read it doesn’t mean it’s the book of the season. To be honest, I have picked up some of her book club books, and they all sucked! I just wish society would stop being puppets and think for themselves. I bet more than half those people who made such a big deal about never eating at McDonald’s again have been eating there for over twenty years. So check it out, none of it has hurt ya yet, and if it has it was probably a little food poisoning. On top of that, the odds of the food poising coming from your house and not the fast food are greater than getting sick from that number five with a Diet Coke.

If the animals are being mistreated, yes that sucks for the animal. But at the same time you are about to devour Babe’s left ass cheek or Chicken Little’s not so little breast, so now tell me you are that concerned? Simple solution, don’t watch the video. You know they are trying to get people worked up and against poor Ronald. Come on, let him make that money, don’t be mad.

Moral of the story: thinking for yourself is the new “in” thing. Question everything. 


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