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LeToya Luckett, How Dare You! Beyonce, Put Some Clothes On!

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There is a wave of insanity that is hitting our children and young adults and we need to stop it now at all costs. The people who are promoting this insanity, this violence are actually making money off the people who think what they see as being cute and of course the ideology of why not? Will fall into play as well. What am I speaking about? I speaking about the video “She Ain’t Got” by LeToya Luckett, former member of Destinys Child. Her latest video is a story of a woman who is tired of her man cheating on her, so she is going to beat down the woman he is cheating with. This whole song is ridiculous; it is everything we have taught young ladies not to do or accept from a man. It is this type of non-sense that is running rampant in the Black Community with that Ghetto Mentality of he is my man and you can’t have him so I am going to beat you down that way he knows “I LOVE HIM.” So why not write a song about it and play it up, right? Isn’t that why we have such an increase in violence in “CRap” videos, they are just “CRapping” about what they went through in life, right? Now you have the women getting in on it with Women on Women Violence and it is ok to do because she is sleeping with “YOUR MAN.”

In the video LeToya watches her man leave to go be with the other woman. She gathers up her girls and they are on the hunt for her, all the while calling her the “ho.” They catch up with them both at the club and LeToya goes to her man and proceeds to give him a lap dance to tell him why he needs to stop seeing this woman. Giving him all of the good points like how she dresses nicer, how she can take care of his kids better. How she can deal with his “Baby Mama,” how she is the only woman he can take home to “Mama” and how she is a “ride or die” chick. Then you hear the chorus “Swing batta, batta, batta, Swing batta batta batta, swing mad up at her, at her, at her” all the while Le Toya is dancing with a Crystal encrusted baseball bat. Since when did it become ok for women to promote violence against one another. This has to stop, this is not the only video in circulation promoting violence of women on women. A young lady by the name of Brook Valentine has one called “Girl Fight,” she and the other woman are at a party and they have words. Brook is on one side surrounded by her girls and the other woman is standing across from her with her girls. The video ends with the fight outside with everyone around, Brook clocks the girl with one punch, then Li’L Jon comes over says something to the girl and Stomps on her. We not only have women fighting each other we are now promoting men to beat on women as well, when is this messed up part of the music industry going to get it, this has to stop.

Beyonce: put your Vjay Jay away, we have seen it enough, we know you have one, the world knows you have one, you can put it away now. I am trying to figure out how this display of your sexuality that you have been doing since Destiny’s Child has anything to do with the Music Industry other than the fact that they are Pimping you if you have to wear those outfits more than 75 percent of the time. One of my first role models in music (my mother and father were the very first) is Tina Turner, I wanted to have legs like her since I was a kid and I did until I got sick. I looked good in a pair pumps just like her and neither did she nor I have to wear clothes that pointed to the Vjay Jay. Ms. Tina’s outfits were always classy and beautiful and she carried herself like the Diva that she is. Josephine Baker’s another Diva, outfits were more appropriate than the ones you wear now. Her outfits had a theme, a purpose for her routines, all I see when I watch your videos is that you are giving Strippers points on how to ramp up their act. It was most evident with your song from the Pink Panther soundtrack “Check on Me,” “Dip it, Pop it, Twerk it, Watch me Work it” are all the wrong things our young ladies need to hear and see. I understand that you have some talent and that is great, here is something I want you to think about when you make these videos and promote these songs like “Ego.” Would you want you daughter dancing and singing these songs when she is seven or eight years old?

You have to understand your admirers come in all ages and to see them doing these suggestive dances is not pretty. Yes, some would say it is on the parents to control their kids, well what about that fifteen and sixteen years old who wants to be like you. Is that how she is suppose to dance in her auditions, is that how she is supposed to dress in her auditions. Having her Vjay Jay out for the world to see, what do you think will happen when and if a young lady does that? For all its worth she wants to emulate her idol, the thing is your not the right Idol for young ladies to emulate. I say this not with malice but with fear that too many of our young girls do not see what can happen when they are doing these dances they see you do at a party. That these young ladies are going to pander to a man such as your doing in your video of singing about his “big ego.” With so many things against young girls today and with little girls being molested at an all time high, we need to stop all of this suggestiveness to a level that will not hurt those who see it. I saw a video of two kids dancing; it was the most disturbing video. The little girl danced as if she was having sex with little boy who was her partner, she had backed her butt up against his genitals and proceeded to grind on them. The little boy grabs her hips and pumps her from behind. They get on the floor and do the doggie style again this little boy grabs her hips and pumps the little girl from behind, they could not have been more than seven or eight years old. There have been videos you have made that have been just as suggestive; when is it going to stop? Our little girls are being attacked because this world is overly sexualized with the music that is being put into society. Can you stop what you are doing to set a better example for our young girls and young ladies?

I ask this of you: Beyonce, LeToya, and any other artist that thinks violence and over hyped sexuality is ok because “it is not real, it is just music” … If it was just music, then why do “CRappers” continue to make the violent, drug dealing, sexually abusive music videos they do? Is the money worth it?


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