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Lots of Reasons to Love Facebook

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I absolutely love Facebook; it is one of the best sites next to Twitter and Myspace. The very mention of its name motivates me to reach out to others socially and make new contacts. It was great at first, until other sites started competing with it, then Myspace resumed its dominant place, because Myspace is like YouTube with extra features added, which makes it more sophisticated. I will give Facebook the benefit of the doubt. Let’s say you have around fifty friends who live 3,000 miles away that would cost you £1/$1 a minute to phone. Much of my justification for loving Facebook focuses around its competency of networking, and the rest of my reasons are listed on this thread.

  • Facebook is pretty much a secure site, leaving the decision up to its members to share whatever information they want to share, and Facebook also has spam filters. Signing up on that little registration page so that you can see pictures of your friend’s wife’s pregnancy test is something wonderful to gossip about. How many of you realize that Facebook then allows you to start your own social groups on the groups page? Right now, I have my own group called Heart of Notes on Facebook, and in the next section of that group page, I listed all of the upcoming seasonal events for my members. I uploaded my own videos, and you can use a webcam on Facebook too.
  • People can send you drinks! Wow, after hours of being on the Internet I could use one.
  • It is now seen as acceptable for all people of any gender, background, or age.
  • It is so much easier to add friends on Facebook, and even easier to get added as a friend. What makes it so genuine is the diversity of people of culture, like America.
  • Almost everybody and their mom have an account on Facebook.
  • It was an innovative idea to save on long-distance calling.
  • Facebook is also a good place to ask questions. Just like Yahoo! answers, Facebook has what you call Facebook answers, and you can ask any question you want. Somebody will give you an honest answer.
  • The dozens of people that add you despite having not seen you for over five years will still welcome you as a new friend. My aunt is on there, and she always keeps me informed of new groups and events too. Family is great on Facebook.
  • Notifications add to the excitement on Facebook.
  • The whole world knowing when you have a temporary tiff with your fiancé will open you up to a wealth of information you would not have otherwise known.


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