Maci and Our World!

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As you all know, there is a lot going on out there in the world today! We are always hearing about the wars and global warming, and all that crap about cutting down trees! Well there are people in the world that care about the planet so, so, so much, and I’m one of those people! People call me a hippie and psycho! But you all can call me whatever you want, I’m just trying to help the world! People today have those high-tech cell phones, and all of those iPhones, well that kills the planet! Don’t get me wrong, I have one too, but I always leave it off when I’m not using it.

I also hate when my family leaves phone chargers plugged in! Because phone chargers waste more energy when they are not plugged up to a phone! Some people could be reading this and think it sucks. Well, you know what? They suck! And I know I’m wasting energy by writing this, but this is serious, you guys, we need to get in the groove! We have a big world and time is getting shorter and shorter. We need to be ready for this!

Please, I know this is short but if you read this I would be so thrilled to answer any questions or view any comments! Thank you! Peace, love, and Aerosmith! Ha ha, lol!


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