Making a Difference with Little Time

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Everyone’s doing it. You, too, want to get out and do charitable work in your community and beyond. But just keeping up with day-to-day living and family and friends is sometimes tough enough. Where do you find the time to make such a huge commitment? 

In fact, making a difference doesn’t have to mean a lot of time or sacrifice in other areas of your life. And, if you’re new to making space in your life for charitable work, it’s probably best that you start small and slowly integrate it into your life. Luckily, we live in an age where we can make an impact even while having our morning coffee or cereal. With a bit more effort, there are myriad virtual volunteer opportunities that can be done from our computers.  

With the Click of a Finger
With Click to Donate sites, you can have an impact (literally) with the click of a finger and a few minutes of your time. All you do is click on a link that generates a donation by a corporate or private sponsor to a designated cause or charity. You, as the “clicker,” pay nothing. It’s that simple.

A few examples of Click to Donate sites include:

The Animal Rescue Site: For each click, .6 bowls of food feed a rescued animal. Food and care is given to animals in need at The Fund for Animals’ sanctuaries and other animal care facilities. 

The Breast Cancer Site: Every click helps a woman in need get a free mammogram. Breast cancer remains the leading cause of cancer deaths among women ages forty to fifty-five. Early detection is key to survival and better treatment options.  

The Hunger Site: Each click gives 1.1 cups of food to the hungry. Since its founding in June 1999, visitors and shoppers at The Hunger Site and The Hunger Site store have given over 671 million cups of food. 

Bhookh: For every click, a cup of staple food is provided to a hungry Indian. It is operated by Mumbai based Vikas Sutaria. 

With a Few More Moments of Time
With just a little bit more effort, you can support several other types of charitable organizations and causes:  

Kiva: Through this “micro-lending” website, you can help others less fortunate by making a small loan (starting at $25. U.S.). You can choose who you want to loan to, in which country or which sector. Your loan may be pooled with that of other lenders to fund a larger project. But, it’s all up to you. And, once your loan is paid off, you can keep the money or re-loan it again and again.

The next time you’re in a card shop, pick up a couple of cute children’s cards and send them to some of the critically ill children that could use some good cheer. Hugs and Hope and Make A Child Smile are two websites where you can find a listing of needy children. 

Online or Virtual Volunteering 
Online or virtual volunteering can be easily done from your own home. Many organizations could use writing or editing skills, office and bookkeeping abilities, foreign language acumen for translating, and website design talents amongst other things. 

A few popular places to go for virtual volunteer opportunities include:, the United Nations Volunteers Online Service, and Search for “virtual” opportunities.

For other ideas, you can also visit: 52 Weeks of Impact.

With all these possibilities, everyone can make an impact.


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