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Making Good Things Bloom

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I decided to green up my neighborhood a little, starting with my own backyard. Everyone loves flowers and being an avid organic gardener I decided to, one: get rid of my huge water guzzling lawn and turn it into a beautiful flower garden and two: offer my bouquets for sale to local restaurants, businesses, and friends. I use no pesticides, insecticides, or non-organic fertilizers so you could eat them if you wanted to. The flower industry is a very toxic one, to say the least with most of the flowers grown in third world countries like Ecuador with little or no regard for their workers or the environment, using tons of chemicals and then shipping them thousands of miles.

I encourage folks to buy their flowers locally and edibles to for that matter. It’s healthier for all of us and absolutely healthier for the earth. You can see my beautiful bouquets here in Gig Harbor, Washington where I live.

Happy Gardening!


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