A Man of Hope

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Barack Obama, a man with true vision,

To the American people, he shows true submission.

He is a man with good intention,

He runs’ his Campaign with genuine compassion.

Barack Obama, is all about U N I T Y,

His heart is filled with H U M I L I T Y.

He hopes and dreams for America to change,

He has great confidence, towards the word Change.

Barack Obama, there are so many ways to describe him,

He is Charismatic, Warm-hearted, Caring, loving, Humble, Direct, and Handsum’

He is very hopeful about the future of this Great Country,

He is a man to be considered, respectfully and

Very Highly’

He has a Beautiful family, his wife Lady Michelle Obama and daughters Malia nine and Sasha six,

They truly are a very Unique family.

Just like Nelson Mandela, he became the first black President of South Africa,

Who knows, Barack Obama, might just be The first black President, of The United States of America.


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