Marriage Equality: Repeal Proposition 8

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Hundreds of thousands people who support marriage equality towards gays and lesbians rallied and marched around the Sacramento Capitol from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, November 22, 2008. LGBT (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender), straight men, straight women, straight couples, teens, youths, children, and seniors all rallied and marched to repeal and overturn Prop. 8, which bans same-sex marriage. This is not just about marriage but discrimination, injustice, and a violation to people’s constitutional rights and human rights. This is about equality and love.

I am a peaceful person. I do not fight. But in this matter, I’d say I will fight not just for my rights but for the rights of all people who are denied theirs. I will fight for equality, freedom, and love in a “nonviolent way.”

So many people have come and gone and are still living who tirelessly fought for the freedom we are experiencing today. There’s lots of work still to be done and we cannot just stay complacent.

Same-sex marriage is not a moral issue and it is not perversion. Marriage is a civil right and not just a heterosexual privilege. How can you deny same-sex couples the right that heterosexuals couples have been granted for over a millennia. This is not taking what is yours or tainting what is yours. This is a testament to love and for love.

We are all one! We are love! How can you support “hate” by voting for propositions such as Proposition 8, which bans same-sex marriage? What are we showing the children? Are you one of those who voted for Prop.8 and thus foster hate and intolerance not just to gays and lesbians but fostering “hate and intolerance” period!? Focus on your own family. Teach your children values and guide them well. Do not teach them that “love” is not just for some but it is for “everyone.”

What are you afraid of? Are you afraid to live next door to same-sex couples? Are you afraid to meet same-sex couples wherever you go? Are you afraid to live in a city or a country with same-sex couples? You see, my friend, my brothers and sisters of this same earth we live in—we are not going away. Gays and lesbians are here, there, and everywhere. We do not do this to spite you or to make you mad. This is not a question or an issue of “lifestyle.” We are what we are. I am what I am. You are what you are. We have no agenda but to go on living and surviving just like you on this beautiful planet earth.

Can’t you see? A lot of straight men and women are also rallying for our cause. Why are you still in the dark? Why stay in the dark? Don’t you know that being in the light is much more wonderful? Straight couples with their kids rally for our cause. They are not afraid to bring their kids to rally with us. They teach their kids about love. They communicate and dialog with their kids that hate, fear and discrimination can be overcome with tolerance, equality and love. What are you teaching your kids? Focus on your own family.

Love your neighbors as you love yourself. Do you love yourself? If you have hate toward your neighbors (not just about gays and lesbians), then you have “hate” for yourself. Why do you want to cultivate “hate and intolerance” to yourself? Do you think the world will be a better place if you harbor your hate and intolerance? Do you think you are “right”? Do you think you are correct? Love will always win!

“Treat others as you wanted to be treated” is one of the variations of the golden rule, which is common wisdom but hard to grasp by a lot of people. We did not do anything to you. You did it to us by voting for Prop. 8, which is a proposition of hate. We did not do anything to you, your family, or your kids. You are not protecting your kids by voting against propositions that take away the human rights of other people and denying others their commitment of love and equality. And yet we refuse to be victims. We will be victors for love always wins! Focus on your own family.

The constitution states “equal protection for all.” Where is the justice in this? Where is the peace? Peace is in our hearts and if we have compassion towards one another and love one another, peace and love will prevail.

Marriage is not just between a man and a woman. That is not what history and religion will have you believe because historically, history and religion denied people their basic human rights and termed them as second-class citizens or worse, an outcast or ostracized. Who are we to put or place judgments about other human beings when they all want is love and happiness? We all want love and happiness! But we should be all-inclusive wanting love, peace, and happiness and not be exclusive.

There are wonderful and monumental events we have seen in our lifetimes and that is great—the crumbling of the wall that separate Germany, Britain giving back Hong Kong to China, etc. Don’t you want love and peace happen in your lifetime everywhere? Start with yourself. Think love, be love, Think peace, be peace. Cultivate compassion and do random acts of kindness and conscious acts of beauty. Start within you, within yourself.

“A journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step.” Make your first step. Dig deep inside of you. You do not have to take anything for this journey but just an open heart and an open mind. We will all take different roads, but we are going to the same destination and that is love and peace. The journey is the destination. Make everyday be a day of love and peace.

We are one,

“We march because we must and that love is on our side.”


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