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A Mighty Conversation!

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T1: How was your day?

T2: Pretty usual, you know how it starts, birds leaving their nests and then standing tall the entire day, and feeling so lifeless in spite of having a life.

T1: Yeah, I agree!

T2: I feel why we weren’t on some other planet, where we really mattered, we have become so ornamental, I mean we are kept where artificial beauty is required, and uprooted from our homeland. How sick is that?

T1: I wish I could scream and tell them, Please let us live, rejoice and breathe. I’m choked to the core.

T2: I wish we could!

T1: And on top of that they are celebrating World Environmental Day tomorrow!

T2: Hypocrisy at its peak!

T1 and T2 are those tall figures that stand everyday on a busy highway road, thinking what mistake they did to have this life. They don’t extract or steal anything—just inhale and exhale, and need a marginal quantity of sunlight and water for their sustenance. They are the trees that we see, some twisted completely by a dust storm, some standing leafless in a barren land with hope for rainwater. To us, they may seem lifeless but they do serve an important role in our ecosystem. But, we have forgotten it all—even a person standing and giving a speech on World Environment Day would be the one who would proudly take out his Merc and drive back to his home, who would throw a polythene bag on ground in hope of it being picked by a rag picker, who would use fancy lights to decorate his bungalow not keeping in mind how much electricity they would consume. So what we all do to save our environment?

Honestly nothing. It’s hard to accept but yes, nothing, what we do is the Talk (the big mouthed talk). Seems every human is born with this skill, we all love public speakers, don’t we? How many of us really put that extra effort to preserve our surroundings.

  • To switch off the light of the room if it is unnecessarily lit on
  • To scold a vendor for using polythene bags and not giving you a paper bag
  • To revolt against a tree being uprooted
  • To quit non-veg (it does adds to those Green House Gases we chirp about all the time)
  • To take our bicycle out rather than those fancy cars

I am sure, many of us give two hoots about the issue, it hardly affects us and we live our lives, regularly because we strive for it to be regular. The world would have been a happier place had we all strived to be out of the box, out of the box in terms of approach and thinking. We all love going abroad, and when we come back the talk of the town is the scenic beauty and the meandering clean roads, why on earth can India be clean, or why we have photographers coming all over the world from to click the poor quality of life that exists in India. Why Baba Ramdev has 15,000 followers doing nothing but yoga asanas and why for a mass cleanup movement only fifteen people take part?

So many questions, only one answer, because we believe in running away from issues that matter the most, saving a tree from being cut could cost you your life if the area belongs to a powerful builder, or joining hands in a cleanup movement could dirty you up, or to add more who likes unnecessarily trouble in life…So do not celebrate 5th June if you are one amongst those.

And if you really care, join hands for a beautiful and safe tomorrow where every entity is respected for the right to live.

Happy World’s Environment Day!


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