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Mitigate Discrimination with a Black President

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Please Don’t Blame President Obama
Too many Obama haters are nothing more than a bunch a scared rich Republican folks, both wealthy and high-middle-class folk, many of whom are racially prejudice, and, not surprisingly, many of whom are prejudiced blacks, and whose only concern is more capital, and more money. These are the people who sell their propaganda to the media, while at the same time, are promoting it to the public. Also, they are the very same pigs who feel threatened because of the higher tax law, which they have to pay. Their only way of getting back at Obama is through public irrelevant facts, biased opinions, and personal attacks on his credentials and qualifications prior to his election to presidency. They’ve even gone so far as to rob the president of his dignity, and blatantly called him incompetent. This is ludicrous. As a matter of fact, he is one of the most competent individuals ever elected president. Look at his achievements:

  • Signed historic health-care and banking reform bills
  • Revived the nuclear disarmament negotiations and Israel-Palestine peace talks
  • Began winding down our involvement in Iraq
  • Took steps to avoid a second depression, all over the opposition from the Party of NO
  • Made grants and loans available to people, encouraging them to go back to school, particularly single moms.
  • Signed the stimulus bill
  • Served in the Senate for a year

Arguing for an Important Cause
He was a senator for a year. One reason Obama stands out better than his political peers is that he is pro affirmative action first of all, and secondly, he has proven that he has reliable credibility and a broad understanding about things other than just politics. Obama’s haters are concerned with nothing more than mere politics. Now, for all of those who voted for Barack, I applaud you, salute you, and am very proud. I, also, am a supporter of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

To be clear on the subject, especially in the United States, discrimination is the real issue, not just against African Americans, but also minorities. President Obama hasn’t been given the full respect he earned, simply because he doesn’t allow the impact of the majority to determine his decisions, nor does it stop his political agenda. What the American public doesn’t realize is there is more to life than just politics. I think that the election of Barack Obama as the first African American president will have the same effect that the election of John F. Kennedy as the first Catholic-American president. It will make race a nonissue for future presidential elections. This is a really great thing for America. Now, as far as racial inequalities, this is a real tough one. I think that inequalities, unfortunately, are an inevitable part of the system. Much of the current inequalities are not only embedded in the economic system but are also embedded in the expectations of people. For example, when Barack first announced his candidacy, he did not have the full support of the African American community because many in the community didn’t believe an African American could win as president. That’s the truth.

The following list gives specific details and the reasons why Obama has an advantage over many other American politicians:

  • Abortion: President Obama is a strong supporter of women’s rights.
  • Gay Rights: He supports civil unions, and grants same-sex couples health benefits.
  • Tax Issues: As a senator, Obama consistently voted against abolishing or raising the limits on the death tax.
  • Immigration: Obama strengthened border security, and cracked down on employers who exploited illegal immigrant labor.
  • Gun Control: Supports stricter gun control.
  • Free Trade: He also wants to keep NAFTA and other free trade agreements intact.

The Achievements
Obama’s Achievements Center. This site would not exist without the effort of each and every person who took the time to contribute even one item to the list.

The American Dream Come True
Obama set himself apart to fasting on Sundays, apart to a good cause, studied in order to prove himself worthy, and didn’t let his acquaintances and close companions discourage him from his vision. He cleaned up his act and became a dependable, orderly, self-disciplined young man, and thus, became achievement oriented, cautious, industrious, and deliberate—the type who could, say, “run a masterfully efficient political campaign, exercise daily, even while on the road, and make methodical decisions.”

Obama is doing a great job for the economy and the welfare of the lower class, and middle lower class people, he’s resolved the recession and unemployment problem, adding an additional 90,000 private-sector jobs, which helped put the jobless back to work. For those people who want to attack our black president, the truth is that after so many years of slavery, God has given the world a wake-up call. God promotes whomever he chooses to office, and the white man can’t stop his work. First blacks were the minority, but now we are equal with any other race, and are becoming more than the majority, but African Americans have always been the great inventors of history, the most creative in arts, and are proving to the world that there is a God. It doesn’t matter that we were in slavery, God is now making African Americans shine, and rule the country for that matter. So be it.

Our Leaders Will Not Change Until We Do
Dr. Martin Luther King would be very proud to see a black president running the country. However, he would not be too pleased, nor too surprised to see all of the hate and racism still going on today. In my opinion, a black president proves a good point and makes a statement, and a strong one at that. Let’s stop looking to find dirt on our leaders. Too many people accuse Obama for being dishonest. Well, ask yourself these questions:

“Have I ever been dishonest?”

“Have I ever harmed another?”

Your answer to each of these questions would come back as a “Yes!” Until we get our own ethics in on ourselves, until we act with integrity, until we exercise tolerance with ourselves and each other we are not going to see a different reflection in our politicians regardless of what country we live in. America is the land of the hypocrite. There about a thousand other issues out there that needs our attention, and the crux of the biscuit radicals are chewing on is not only irrelevant (because the President is nothing more than a fulcrum of power) but a complete and total reflection of overall narcissism and ignorance of civil service policy.

As for those who accuse the current president of dishonesty, I challenge them to use their research-and-report power to present an argument using facts (which can be referenced, checked, and cross-checked) that confirm said argument. The truth of the matter is this, when it comes down to reality (No! Not the crap they call reality. You know, reality, the stuff that is true whether you agree with it or not.), Obama is the most scandal-free president since Carter.


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