A Moment In Time

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It’s funny, or rather ironic that we can look at something and not see it. I was doing some spring-cleaning when I came across a watch my mother gave me at least ten years ago. My first thought was to toss it because I didn’t want to go through finding out what battery it used. Yet, something made me put it aside.

Later when I really looked at the watch I noticed it had a stem. It was a wind-up! With the date!

I have always said we have too many choices in life. Too many types of cereal, eggs, bread, drinks—you get the idea. Long gone are the days when you could send someone to the store to get you milk, bread, and eggs.

Today you almost have to fill out a questionnaire for each item. Do you want soy milk, almond milk, chocolate milk, 1%, 2%, organic, whole, powdered? Milk that isn’t refrigerated, milk in containers to keep out the light, milk in glass bottles?

Do you want free-roaming hen eggs, brown, white, large, regular, or jumbo? A carton of 6, 12, 18, or 24? Already cooked, already cooked and peeled? Egg substitutes or whites only?

Do you want white bread, wheat bread, whole grain bread, cheese bread, pita, Italian, French, frozen loafs, cinnamon-raisin, white wheat?

Another thing was brought home to me the day I was in the grocery store and the power went off. I stood in the half-gloom and realized that we rely way too much on electronics, computers, and such. I have no idea if the store even had an alternate way to check people out.

I wound the watch. To my amazement and delight it started working! As I put it on I wondered why we ever thought battery-powered watches were so great. You can spend your time prying the back off of your watch, getting the battery out without losing it and squinting or magnifying it so you can see the model number or type of battery. You can go to the store and hope you find a replacement battery. You pay the crazy prices for it if you find it at the first store.

Me? Well, I’ll drink my whole milk, eat my white bread, fry my brown eggs, and look at my watch with pride.

After all, winding it takes just a moment in time.


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