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Money For Nothing

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Do you feel trapped by the amount of monthly bills you have to pay? I work hard to keep my monthly expenses to a minimum. I recently got a new car and everyones impressed, but me. When I look at that car, all I see is a car payment. And, of course, a new car needs full insurance coverage, so a new car really means 2 payments. I love having a nice home but if it's too big your heat and electric are more high payments every month. If you want a cell phone, or the Internet, which have become necessities, that means more payments per month. I accept the heat and electric bills, I like being warm and having light, but they've really become pricey.
I resent being locked into excessive monthly bills. I don't need a cell phone, I still have a land line. I don't shop retail, I shop resale…as in second hand stores, and I love getting my cleaning supplies and toiletries at those cheap little dollar stores.
I shop at resale shops for anything I can find. I love to dress nice and I love shoes and jewelry but I don't like spending a lot of money for those things, so I don't. I'm constantly getting comments on my clothes and my appearance and just about all of it is second hand. I have designer shoes and coats, but I pay a fraction of the costs. I feel smarter, knowing I look good for a fraction of the costs. Does anyone really notice, or care, that my jewelry is costume or my
clothes aren't designer? I can't relate to the idea of spending a lot of money for a diamond necklace or a coach purse. What's the point? Why spend over a hundred dollars to carry lipstick and a wallet in a designer bag?
I went a whole year without a car after my daughter totaled mine. I rode my bike, got rides from my other kids and walked places that were close. I loved the freedom of no insurance and car payment. But the system gets you for that too because not having insurance on a vehicle will make you higher risk and you will pay more when you do need it.
Why do they get to decide when I need to carry insurance? I don't like the pressure of accumulating monthly bills that eat up my paycheck. Society seems to dictate what we need, and what we should have. I see people driving their fancy cars, loaded with unnecessary gadgets, talking on their cell phones and in a hurry to go NOWHERE! We're locked into jobs that take up eight to ten hours of our days for five days of our week, to maintain these unnecessary expenses.
A credit card commercial shows a guy getting dumped by a girl. But with his new visa credit card he gets to meet Alicia Keyes, and various celebrities so he finally feels he's cool. What this commercial is really saying is; with a credit card, and spending money you don't have, you will have everything you need to be happy. That couldn't be farther from the truth, because reality is; you'll be in debt, pay back more than you borrowed, and you'll still be alone.
Peoples lives have become centered around the things we think we need in life to be happy. Our status is defined by the size of our home, the clothes we wear, the type of car we drive. We spend all our time working long hours and driving long distances. Paychecks are spent before they're even earned as people lock themselves into the continuous cycle of house payments, utility payments, car payments and all those other payments that come along with just trying to survive daily life. And all this so that we can buy, meaningless inanimate objects, that couldn't possibly bring us the happiness that comes from the love and warmth of a caring human being. Our status should be defined by living our lives as nice people who care about our fellow man. Everyone should challenge themselves to spend less money on needless things, and spend more time making the world a better place to be. What could be accomplished by that I wonder?


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