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Mooching: A Disease That’s Preventable

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How many of us in our daily lives, do we encounter that person (or group of persons) who comes up to you at the most inappropriate time and ask for money? How many of us turn the other way and pretend that we didn’t hear them or the request for help? How many of us feel that we should have help out in any way we can? How can we live with ourselves if we don’t give aid to those who are in need of it?

I am at a loss to answer these questions because, really, I don’t have the answer. I need the answer and so do you.

I would like to tell here, in this story of mine, why I am even asking these questions and I seek your advice to help ease the conflict in me and maybe others.

The other day, I was loading some material in my vehicle at Home Depot, this individual came up and ask me for $3 so he could buy a can of Fix-A-Flat for his car. I told him, I didn’t have it, which I honestly didn’t because I don’t carry cash on me. Well, he started off wandering the parking lot asking others the same request and not one individual, at least that I saw, gave him the money. I drove away feeling sorry for myself and him, not knowing if he was going to get the money for that can of Fix-A-Flat and it struck me as hard as a load of bricks. No one should ever have to ask for money in the first place. In a perfect society, everyone is well off or doing fine like everyone else but honestly, our society isn’t perfect!

Everyone wants to help others who are less fortunate then ourselves, I guess that’s part of our upbringing—or is it because God wishes us to do that as told in the Bible. We are all Good Samaritans at one time or another—or is it when we choose to do so?

My confusion regarding this comes from lack of not knowing if it’s preventable or not. I’ll explain.

Moocher 1 comes up and ask for $5. (No reason is given as to why he asked in the first place)
Moocher 2 asks for $5 because he ran out of gas for his vehicle.
Moocher 3 asks for $5 to feed his family and he doesn’t care if he eats as long as his family eats.

I ask you to be honest with yourselves here: who would you more than likely give your $5 to between the three moochers and why? Honestly, your answer shouldn’t count here! It’s irrelevant because it shouldn’t happen … in a Perfect Society.

In either case, the person asking for the money has given you a reason for his request all except for Moocher 1. Is that important here? Yes and no!

What’s important here is to realize that we need justification to give out $5 hard-earned dollars to someone else because of their reason for asking. When does it become necessary for us to stop being Good Samaritans? If we stop being good kind-hearted human beings, we lose all hope and faith in mankind.

Let’s suppose, you did give that individual that last $5 you had, you might say God will look down and say He smiled at you and patted you on the back for your good deed. Well, that’s all fine and dandy, really it is—except for one little thing ! Now, you’re out of $5 that you were needing to buy groceries or gas for yourself now!

So, since you’re out of the money that you gave to the original individual that asked you for it, and I know you feel good about it (now don’t you?). Well, now you become the moocher in his place and the cycle begins one more, except you’re having to do what he did in the first place.

I guess this question and many others that we ask ourselves each and every day will not get answered because we are not a perfect society. We show our concern for others but we are reluctant to help because we fear that we may end up like them.

I am confused, I am lost, and I need answers—but I am not the only one that needs these answers. You do too!


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