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The Most Pressing Political Issue Now

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The most pressing political issue now, even more than a war, is stabilizing the american economy so as many people as possible can find jobs, even if it is not their first choice. Also as important is to try to decrease the country’s debt (deficit), and not to repeat the same financial decisions that were made before. This time however people involved in the taking of monies from a company, or any government job, or health care facility, for their own purposes or without approval from a higher committee should be prosecuted.

I think the government should be more involved in the decision making in health care facilities, schools, banks. I think major corporations, hospitals, local governments, should be run like an open book.

Any computer used in a health care facility, library, or school, should be considered the ultimate property of the government. I think that every company or corporation with say at least twenty employees should be periodically checked to see if there are any abuses of  the current labor laws on the books. I think harassment laws should be strictly enforced.


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