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My Dirty Little Christmas Secret

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Over the last few days, friends of mine have been blogging about putting up their Christmas decorations. Their houses are clean and organized and it appears that a little Christmas something is donning every available space. These gals do it up. I bet that they also have Christmas music gently filling their mulling spice scented home. A gorgeous and inviting image of what a home at the holidays should be.

I don’t decorate. Now, I don’t think that is too uncommon. I am sure there are plenty of people that don’t go all out. That is not my secret. I’m OK with my non decorating status. I wish I did, but I don’t. Here is my dirty little Christmas secret:

I hate Christmas music. As my daughter would say. “Mom, hate is a strong word.” Which my reply would be “Yes, dear, that is why I am using it.” I can’t stand, loathe, am repulsed by and have total disdain for Christmas music. I can handle one or two in a row on the radio or in the mall. But more than that and I begin to feel feverish, body ache starts creeping up on me, and a headache is not far off.

Did something happen to me as a child? Was I beat with a Carpenters Christmas album? Rocked to sleep nightly by Christmas with the New Christy Minstrels? I have no idea. I just detest it with every ounce and fiber in my being. It doesn’t matter if Mariah Carey and Taylor Swift , Nine Inch Nails and Metallica, or Bing Crosby and Micheal Buble are singing. Any style, any genre, any band playing holiday fare and my left eye twitches and I want to run away screaming.

I know how important it is to most everyone else in my life so I will fake it. When my baby girl is on stage at her Christmas performance I will move and sway to her singing pa rum pa pa pum like it was the first time I have ever heard it. Not the actual hundreth time since she has been practicing every night, all night since practically the first day of school. No, love is sacrifice, right? And I reeeealllly love my little girl.

Anyone with me? Do you love or despise Christmas music?


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