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My Wonderful Friends

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Everyday I am constantly reminded of my wonderful friends. My life would have surely been a very unhappy one without them. Additionally, they taught me how to be a friend to others. To extend the  hand and warmth of friendship is the greatest gift we have to give to each other. At times, it may be that this friendship will cost us some time and money, but the investment is worth it. 

I will always be grateful to them. Kindness and consideration are not so readily found today. It is rather that the businessmans mentality and its cohorts, production and profit at all costs, be manifest. For after all, we have made gods of company CEOS and Wall Street brokers. The accumulation of wealth is the economic mantra even while people continue to lose businesses, jobs, and homes. The State of California cannot meet its financial obligations and many parts of the United States are seeing unemployent rates like that of the Great Depression. Our national debt has skyrocketed into the trilions.

I have been unemployed for two years. My former company had cash flow problems for many years and cutback on labor and salaries before it declared bankruptcy. A day position that was in effect for twenty-two years was abolished, making my own responsiblities more numerous with less coverage. People continue to experience economic scarcity and cutbacks. At every turn, we can no longer rely on adequate support and stability. Anything can change at any moment. A fifty-eight-year-old woman,without much experience, has little to offer, hardly enabling me to compete for better-paying jobs. Even though I have a college education, and quite a bit of experience, I am hardly the latest and the greatest and my abilities could use some upgrading. Many laid-off workers in my generation are in the same boat; we are the toss-aways and lay-offs, we become marginalized and social security is years away. The golden years do not exist for us.

There are no quarantees in life. We once thought the basic rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness were ours to embrace forever. It is a wonder that friendship survives at all in the face of utter despair and cynicism pervading the social spectrum today. It is like the sun shining on a rainy day. 

Without friendship, people become isolated, lonely, and depressed. It may affect their work performance and family relationships.

I consider my current age and family and socio-economic status to be the most unhappiest I have ever lived.

How will I be able to continue?


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