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National Media Elevates Stars

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The media talks about the Heartland, the Bible Belt and has numerous other acronyms for the various regions of the nation as they lump us all together. Watching the primaries from my perch appears to be a study in liberal arts and I do mean liberal. Reporting politics on a national level is truly forecasting, not reporting.

“One nation under God.” And for the time being it appears that we will be “one party” under God until the conservative movement can reorganize and find its footing again with leaders whose morale compasses and religious acumen cannot be dissected by the nation. In this day and age that is a tough order to fill.

Most disturbing has been the use of television, film, and other stars spewing their political views on national television. The national networks are at fault for making stars testimonials seem “newsworthy.” When it comes down to it, who cares who Cher or any other star is going to support? This is pure gossip and should be private or, at best, in a tabloid. Alright, it could be on a gossip TV show like Entertainment Tonight.

If there are issues people care about, they should locate experts in those fields’ opinions. An “endorsement” might make more sense from them. Testimonials appeal to emotions rather than to logic. The running of our nation is of vast importance and to have it peddled like a game show is down right embarrassing. You would think that these “correspondents” would think this through first.


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